Basic Health Care & Support Program


Basic Health Care & Support Program

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Voluntary Health Association of Sikkim (VHAS) has been making constant and concerted efforts to formulate and implement schemes to ensure adequate health care services to the people of the state, facilitated by the West Bengal Voluntary Health Association (WBVHA), Kolkata  in line with National Health Mission. Under this endeavour attention is also being paid to take special care of the needs of the people of the tribal areas and backward regions.

VHAS has implementing a dynamic program called the Basic Health Care and Support Program and ‘Block Health Consortium program’ with partners organisation at Sombarey block ,west Sikkim since 4 years. The program is aiming for better collaboration between very fragmented health’s providers. However, it is often stuck too much at the level of declaration of intention with little improvement of health services at field level. This program was integrated in the overall MEMISA-DGD-program from 2014. The purpose of the Consortium was to have a real impact on the services for the population in 21 villages directly or indirectly at 4 Gram Panchayat. Through regular workshop and perspective of the NGOs was widened and deepened and they started to collaborate among each other with the other health workers at the Panchayats, block and district levels. Tools such as the case-building exercise (concentrating on first line and second line services for specific cases identified as priorities basis such as maternal health) were very instrumental in moving forward. This first program resulted in improved services at community level with better coordination between the health factors at this level and a genuine dynamic for change.

Overall Objectives of the Program

  • To improve the health care in 4 Gram Panchayat.
  • To develop of a coherent and functional Panchayat and block health care system with the active involvement of all concerned stakeholders.

Specific Objectives of the Program

  • To ensure effective implementation of NRHM and other health program in selected district, block and Panchayat/villages with active community involvement and participation.
  • To identify the policy gaps in NRHM and other health programmes & to advocate for change in selected district, block and Panchayat/villages.

Our team has observed a series of cases relating to the conditions of Public Health Centre, Community Health Centre, and the facilities in public hospitals. Due to  legal interventions, the government ordered that blood donation facilities be made available and has given directions for a number of states to conduct inquiries into their public health system.

The following areas are covered by VHAS under Basic Health Care & support Program through Partners.

Sl. No. Name of Partner  Address Name of Gram Panchayat Villages Covered Total Village
1. Nav Jyoti Kaka Samity (NJKS) Rumbuk, P. O Sombaria, W-Sikkim Rumbuk, Sombaria

West Sikkim

1. Lower Rumbuk

2. Upper Rumbuk

3. Nasa



6.Middle Rumbuk

6 villages



Nagbelli Conservation Association (NCA)

Lower Ribdi

P.O Ribdi

Sombarey Block, W- Sikkim

Ribdi Bharang GPU

Okhery Block

P.O Sombaria

1.     Lower Ribdi

2.     Upper Ribdi

3.     Bharang

4.     Upper Bharang

5.     Lower Bharang

5 villages
3. Milan Welfare Association  (MWA) Lower Okhery  Block Sombarai , W-Sikkim Tikpur Siktam P.O Okhery, Sombaria West Sikkim 1.       Tikpur

2.       Sintam

3.       Beyong

4.       Sarpinagya

5.        Lower  Tikpur

5 villages
4. Directly implemented by VHAS Project Areas Address:

Lungchok  Salangdang

P.O, Sombarey  West Sikkim,

Lungchok Salangdang GPU


Near Daramndi Bazar

1. Upper Lungchok

2. Middle Lungchok

3. Lungyam Nalbogaon

4. Upper Sallyangdang (Gairigaon)

5. Lower Sallyangdong

5 villages
Total Villages 21

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