JICA assisted SBFP


JICA assisted SBFP

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The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) assisted Sikkim Bio-diversity Conservation & Forest Management Project (SBFP) is approved for implementation from 2010-11 and the implementing department of this project is the Department of  Forest Environment & Wild life Management, Government of Sikkim. The project was covered in the four districts of Sikkim since 2011-12 financial years in the community level.  In these four districts project covered total 135 JFMC/EDC and within these  3 year.

Project Objective

The project has the goal of improving the management of natural resources and alleviating the rural poverty. In order to achieve these goals, the project has the following objectives:

  • To strengthen biodiversity conservation activities and forest management capacity,
  • To improve livelihood for the local people who are dependent on forests by promoting sustainable biodiversity conservation, Afforestation and income generation activities including eco-tourism for the community development, thereby contributing environment conservation and harmonized socio-economic development of Sikkim.

To achieve this project objectives with the support of NGOs as a district level facilitating Organization. Three same NGOs were selected  for this year also and they are:-

  • Voluntary Health Association of Sikkim (VHAS) for the East Sikkim,
  • Kanchandzonga Conservation Committee (KCC) for the West & South Sikkim &
  • Eco-Tourism & Conservation Society of Sikkim (ECOSS) for the North district.

The following activities have been proposed in the Project.

  • Afforestation
  • Protected Area Management & Biodiversity Conservation
  • Income Generation Activities for poverty alleviation
  • Supporting Activities for Forest Management (Research and Training, Monitoring and Evaluation and Enhancement of Geographic Information System (GIS) and Management Information System (MIS).

In the 5th year of this project Voluntary Health Association of Sikkim (VHAS) indentified 6 JFMCs and 5 EDCs under SBFP with the coordination of Project Management Unit and selected villages and details of JFMCs/EDCs are given below.

Sl. No. Range JFMC/EDC
1 Ranipool (T)
  • Changay Senti JFMC
2 Pakyong (T)
  • Parakha JFMC
3 Rongli (T)
  • Rongli JFMC
  • Chujachen JFMC
4 Gangtok (T)
  • Syari JFMC
  • Tathaychu JFMC
5 Fmabonglho (W/L)
  • Rakdong EDC
  • Rumtek EDC
  • Simik Lingzey EDC
  • Samdong EDC
  • Lingdok Pangthang EDC

At the end of the financial year 2015-16 Voluntary Health Association of Sikkim (VHAS) initiated meetings with selected 56 SHGs under JICA assisted Sikkim Bio-diversity Conservation & Forest Management Project (SBFP) for their performance grading to provide loan from SBFP and also representative of VHAS attended the trainings and programmes which was organized by Project Management Unit of SBFP.

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