Project on HIV/AIDS & STIs


Project on HIV/AIDS & STIs

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Targeted Intervention Project on HIV/AIDS & STIs

The voluntary Health Association of Sikkim is implementing the Targeted Intervention (TI) Project with the support of Sikkim State AIDS Control Society (SSACS) on HIV-AIDS/STIs amongst the high risked behaviour groups i.e. Female Sex Workers (FSW).  We have two TI project running i.e. TI Project (I) & TI Project (II). Under TI Project- (I) we are covering Gangtok & Ranipool and the target population registered till now is 235. Under TI Project- (II) we are covering Singtam and Rangpo and the target population registered till now is 289.

The project was initiated with the following objectives to achieve.

  • To create awareness about HIV-AIDS/STI among the vulnerable flying FSW.
  • To detect and cure Sexually Transmitted Infection.
  • To motivate for visiting ICTC.
  • To stop the transmission of HIV-AIDS/STI among the high risk group population.
  • To promote safer sex practice.
  • To reduce multiple partners and to use regular condom with regular partner.

The most effective way of controlling HIV-AIDS/STI from further spread was to carry out direct intervention programme among this high risk behaviour groups, through multi- pronged strategy such as:-

  • Advocacy & Community Meetings
  • Field visit/Networking
  • Group Discussion/Focus Group Discussion
  • One to One interaction
  • Counselling
  • STI Management
  • IEC materials distribution
  • Training to Peer Educator
  • Condom promotion and distribution.



Following components were emphasized in the project programmes.

  • Out Reaching: To motivate target group to access the facilities available at DIC. Field visit & networking to reach towards target group for one to one interaction, GD/FGD, motivate to make visit Drop-In-Centre for seeking the facilities & benefit.
  • Behaviour Change & Communication: correct and consistent use of condom and to motivate them for safer sex practice, IEC Materials for behavioural change, motivate for condom use, improves health care seeking behaviours, counselling on HIV-AIDS/STI to minimize the risk of spread & reduces number of sexual partners.
  • STI Management: Clinical services for the management of STIs and to meet other health care needs. Besides this we also do partner notification and follow up on STI patient.
  • Condom Promotion: Condom programming to ensure the availability of easily accessible, good quality and affordable condoms and to use regular condom with regular partner also.
  • Linkages and Referrals: Linkages with ICTC, STI, DOTs, ART Centre For referrals and support.
  • Monitoring and evaluation: Monitoring and evaluation for providing regular feed back to the managers for the project at different levels.


  • To make awareness of HIV-AIDS/STI infection to flying FSW as well as their clients.
  • To give knowledge on HIV-AIDS/STI to flying FSW as well as their clients.
  • To established a Drop-in Centre for Health check-up, condom demonstration & distribution, counselling and other relevant program.
  • To provide STI treatment facilities at DIC.
  • Condom promotion for minimizing the spread of HIV-AIDS/STI.
  • To extend individual and group counselling for behaviour change.
  • To create awareness amongst the target groups through IEC materials, Training, Quiz competition, Group Discussion/Focus Group Discussion.
  • To inform about HIV testing facilities available in our state and implication of positive or negative test result.

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