Community Health & Women Empowerment


Community Health & Women Empowerment

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Project Background

VHAS has implemented the IIMK-Belgium supported project named as PARAS THEZUM in the seven villages of West Pendam Gram Panchayat Unit from 2001-2009 and the overall impact of the project seems successful. After the successful implementation of the PARAS THEZUM project in these villages of West Pendam area, VHAS shifted the focus to other area having similar kind of geographical and socio-economic background.

The new area is Budang – Kameray Gram Panchayat Unit falls under Duga Block in East Sikkim, where around six villages are covered under community health and development project.  The project has been given the name as PAKA project. PA for Pachak and Ka for Kameray as initially started with these two villages.

Components of the project:

  1. Reproductive & Child Health
  2. Women Empowerment & Development
  3. Household Sanitation
  4. Income Generation Programme
  1. Reproductive and Child Health (RCH):

Under the RCH, awareness trainings have been given to the members of different SHGs of Sajong village under Budang Kameray GPU in East Sikkim from time to time. basically covering major topics as follows.

Training on Immunization / Ante Natal Care & Post Natal Care:

Importance of ANC & PNC has been highlighted:

  • Early registration of pregnancy with nearest Govt. health facility is a must to every pregnant woman.
  • Consumption of Iron Folic Acid Tablets
  • Specified doses of TT injection
  • Monitor the growth of foetus
  • Measurement of Height, Weight, abdomen and Blood Pressure
  • Identification of the risk factor in time, if any
  • Management of complications in time, if any
  • Birth preparedness
  • After delivery, PNC up to 42 days is important to see if there are any complications.

Regarding Immunization, they were informed about the Immunization of pregnant women and children under National Immunization Schedule (India) where a pregnant woman has to get 2 TT injection and children have to be given immunization against  6 vaccine preventable diseases viz. BCG for prevention of childhood tuberculosis, D.P.T. for prevention of Diphtheria, Pertussis and Tetanus, OPV for prevention of Polio and Measles vaccine for prevention of Measles.

  1. Women Empowerment & Development

Training on sustainability of  Self Help Group (SHGs):  Training on sustainability of SHGs was organized for the members of different SHGs from Sajong at Community Hall. The objectives of the program were:

  • Sustainability plan by different SHGs
  • Conceptual clarity on sustainability
  • And also to finalize the beneficiaries of Individual Household Sanitation program

Program Coordinator from VHAS, briefed the participants that their SHG should sustain in long run and all the SHGs have to plan their sustainability factor. Economic growth of all SHG leads to sustainability and all SHGs need to think what could contribute to economic growth. They should always make a plan for future and needs to think beyond the support from VHAS-IIMK or any other external agencies. The ultimate objective of sustainability should be self reliance.

III. Household Sanitation:

Support for construction of Sanitary Toilets: A total of 11 sanitary toilets have been supported to the members of 5 different SHGs at Sajong. The lists of toilet beneficiaries are as follows:

Sl. No. Name of the Beneficiaries SHGs Address Toilet Status
1. Lamit Rai Shanti Sajong Completed
2. Dhan Maya Acharya -Do- -Do- Completed
3. Gauri Maya Rai Sheetal -Do- Completed
4. Deepak Darjee Himalayan -Do- Completed
5. Tendup Bhutia -Do- -Do- Completed
6. Leda Bhutia -Do- -Do- Completed
7. Purna Kumari Rai Samarpit -Do- Completed
8. Nevika Rai -Do- -Do- Completed
9. Sushma Subba -Do- -Do- Completed
10. Sinora Sharma -Do- -Do- Completed
11. Kamal Darjee Pragati -Do- Completed


  1. Income Generation Programme (IGP):

Support for Ginger: Samarpit SHG from Sajong have been supported for ginger farming as group economic activity. 10 members group have been supported with 10 mounds (400 Kg) of ginger and next year they have to give back 10 mounds of ginger to the project for rotation to other beneficiaries.

Support for Piggery: 5 members of Sheetal SHG were supported for Piggery

Sl. No. Name of the Beneficiaries SHG Address Status
1. Neena Kumari Rai Sheetal Sajong Supported with 2 female piglets
2. Dilli kumara Rai
3. Shanta Kumari Rai
4. Bishnu Kumari Rai

Gauri Maya Rai



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