Our Mission



VHAS visualizes a “healthy and just society, it implies sustainable development where people are physically, mentally, socially, economically developed and living in harmony with nature”

Healthy and Just Society:- where everyone gets their due with dignity without any discrimination on the basis of caste, creed and gender enjoy their rights and exercise their duties.

Sustainable Development :- Communities have reached to the desired level of development and continue to achieve further.

Physically:- People are free from all minor and major mental illness.

Mentally:- People are free from all minor and major mental illness

Socially:- People are socially organized, respecting and helping each other free from all social evils.

Economically:- People have better livelihood, economy etc.

Harmony with Nature:- People will achieve their development without disturbing nature.


VHAS is committed to empower under privilege communities through sensitization, building capacities, linkages, research and advocacy and lobbying as well as strengthening civil societies on comprehensive community health development activities.

  • Empower: People are accessing their right control over their resources and actively participation in decision making process/governance.
  • Under Privilege Communities: It means women, mother and member belongs to ST, SC, MBC and OBC etc.


Voluntary Health Association of Sikkim is an NGO registered under Sl.No.1083 Vol. No. I in accordance with the notification No.2602 A/H dated 25/03/1960 under Government of Sikkim

  • Federal Member of VHAI, New Delhi
  • Capacity building institute having its own infrastructure including office building
  • State level NGO
  • Registered under Income Tax exemption
  • VHAS has been identified as SAU, Sikkim by RM&DD, Govt. of Sikkim.

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