Assessment Survey Report


Assessment Survey Report

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Background: The organization (VHAS)  has been approached by CIPLA Sikkim to conduct health  related Need Assessment Survey at 10 selected villages each  under Pakyong and Rhenock Block in East District . The name of 20 villages has been provided by CIPLA Sikkim.  Accordingly, VHAS has decided to do the survey in two phases. At 1st phase, the survey was conducted at identified villages under Pakyong Block from 5th to 8th Oct. 2015 in following villages:

S.No.       Name of villages                                                Date of visit

  1.         Taaza Titrebotey-                                                         5.10.2015
  2.         Pacheykhani-                                                                5.10.2015
  3.         Amba Taksang-                                                            6.10.2015
  4.         Dikling-                                                                          6.10.2015
  5.         Tareythang-                                                                   7.10.2015
  6.         Padamchey-                                                                   7.10.2015
  7.         Rorathang Dhanukay-                                                 8.10.2015
  8.         Dugalakha-                                                                     8.10.2015

Tools used for Need Assessment Survey:

  1. Focus Group Discussion (FGD)
  2. Interview
  3. Questionnaire


  1. Mothers having 0-5 years children for Focus Group Discussion to get data on RCH issues
  2. Students of class IX & X in Secondary and XI & XII in Sr. Secondary Schools for Focus Group Discussion to get data on adolescent issues
  3. Interview with School heads to know about the status of Student’s health and hygiene
  4. Interview with PHC and PHSC staff to get idea on common diseases in people and the facility they have for people
  5. Interaction with ASHA and ICDS workers to know their viewpoint on health seeking behaviour of the village people
  6. Interaction with Village Panchayats for getting information and access to village

Objective of the Survey: 

  1. To find out different health problems of identified villages
  2. To plan intervention for the health problems of identified villages
  3. To develop project proposal and submit to CIPLA Sikkim


The survey was done by 2 teams comprising of 2 members in each team.  This way 2 villages were covered in a day, thus total of 8 villages were covered by 2 teams in 4 days. Both the group had 1 male and 1 female member. The idea behind keeping 1 female surveyor per group was to make conducive environment for village women to interact openly with the team.

Team I members: Anjana Rai & Sawan Rai and  Team II members: Kusum Tamang & Kamal Kumar Rai

During the need assessment survey of 8 different villages, rampant prevalence of Non Communicable Diseases was found. There are issues of social problems as well. In one of the villages, Amba-Taksang, people shared that the case of Suicide is high and have asked for immediate mental health program focussing on prevention of suicide.

There are accessibility problems due to conditions like difficult terrain, improper road connectivity, unavailability of public transport in frequent basis, low economic condition, and cut off due to landslide during monsoons in most of the villages.

There is a vast scope for implementation of awareness campaigns and health camps  in these villages as lifestyle related diseases like diabetes and hypertension are reported from most of the villages. The necessity of School Health Programs has also been felt as in almost all schools, Student-Toilet Ratio is not sufficient. Awareness on importance of health and hygiene at School is necessary.

To address the above issues, focus should be on the following major subjects:-

  1. Non Communicable Diseases
  2. Mental Health program
  3. School Health program